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Given the need to monitor and evaluate agricultural operations, seeking to maintain the quality required for Precision Farming, is necessary to maintain adequate farm management. After all, obtaining data is not enough, it is necessary to organize them and link them to activities and processes involved, enabling finding problems and seeking solutions.

Therefore, the producer needs an affordable tool to organize and manage this information; there should be integration between recommendations and results, so that farmers can benefit from the information generated.

The GIC system is innovative software ​​especially designed for the management of agricultural activities, whose main function is the automatic integration of field surveys and data collection with the field planning to make interventions in the shortest possible time in order to optimize resources.

Thus, it is possible to integrate crop planning, field surveys, recommendations and Precision Farming maps with production and cost reports and the post-application maps of activities developed in an automatic and easy way, generating and recording all information in a single database in WEB platform, facilitating decision making and future planning.

The system allows automatic reporting of data, which are organized associating activity, operator, machine and field, generating a great number of reports effectively useful for the farmer.

All data stored by the equipment device are sent via GPRS (cellular signal), or other means to the VERION database server, and from anywhere in the world this information is displayed in real time, generating a great number of reports.

For each operation, a register containing operator, machine, activity, implement, etc, is performed, so that all data is organized to facilitate management and the automated issue of reports, comparisons and analyses.

The equipment automatically identifies when working, in movement or stopped; each stop required the operator to indicate the reason, generating detailed information on production and use of machines.

It supports various types of sensors of implement and engine, generating maps and telemetry reports obtained by the sensors (RPM, temperature, flow rate, dose, speed, etc).

All information is previously registered in the system by the manager, the operator does not need to enter codes and data are organized in a fast and automated way according to the manager's needs.

Thus, a great number of reports are generated and stored in a single database, to be linked with the planning done and generates actually useful information for the farm management in an extremely easy way.


  • Most complete system on the market;
  • Only system that integrates remote management, sensing and machine control;
  • The only one that saves maps integrating them to the precision farming system;
  • Management reports, graphs and maps in an easy, quick and organized way
  • Real-Time Localization;
  • Sends maps and reports automatically;
  • Management of agricultural operations;
  • Management and maintenance of equipment;
  • Control supplies and expenses;
  • Fleet and Logistics Management;
  • Supports various types of sensors;
  • Generates telemetry maps and charts;


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