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Agromapas is a software that comes with all equipment supplied by VERION, is an indispensable tool to complement the advantages and functionalities of the Vcom, Vguide and Vseed system.

It allows converting various formats of application maps to run them in the Vcom system, thus avoiding compatibility problems. The user can view, check and edit the map before the operation.

Another great advantage of the VCom x Agromapas relationship is that it allows assessing the work through reports and post-application georeferenced maps.

During its operation, the equipment records various data regarding the activity being performed such as doses applied, speed, total area applied, working depth, etc.

The Agromapas software allows interpreting these data and creating georeferenced maps in order to visualize the performance of the activity and the analysis of events in a georeferenced manner. It also enables the issue of production reports using the guide system with the monitoring of over-applications and failures.

Another extremely useful tool is the import and creation of lines or paths that can be used by the Guide system or Autopilot. The software enables the import of lines in shp format or even the creation from a post-application file of the guide system. Thus, it is possible to manage the farm spatially, manipulating the operation in order to obtain the highest yield and quality (for example, the creation of the planting lines for Autopilot and route generation for vinasse application).

Moreover, the Agromapas software has an integrated management module that allows obtaining information about the performance of the machine at work in a particular area. The system allows the user to check how long the machine was stopped during operation (without working) in transportation or performing maneuvers, and actually working, calculating production and providing daily reports of productive time, start and end time of the operation, etc.


  • Easy to use, Portuguese language;
  • Imports application maps in various formats (TXT, SHP, CSV);
  • Tool for converting maps for use with the Vcom;
  • Viewing of reports and post-application maps;
  • Application management report, emphasizing the machine efficiency;
  • Maps: speed, applied dose, results of sensors etc.
  • Total area, total amount of product;
  • Start and end of operation
  • Time stopped, transportation, working
  • Calculation of Yields
  • Quality of alignment;
  • Creation of pathways;
  • Importing and editing of recommendation maps;


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