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Complete and simple software fully dedicated to georeferenced sampling, meeting the real field needs



The Vfield Software was specifically designed to meet the needs of georeferenced sampling works, with high processing power and speed. This software easily and interactively meets the real field needs.

It allows demarcation of areas, generation of grids and sampling points and search tools in a simple and efficient way.
It is the only one that works with various plots without the need to open a new work, significantly increasing operational efficiency.

The generation of sampling grids is done wisely; it is the only on market that has technology that avoids creating points on the edge.

All work generated is organized and exported in Shapefile, allowing being opened by various software available in the market. The Vfield also enables editing tables for the creation of questionnaires for monitoring adversities, being possible editing the table of the Shapefile file (DBF) directly on the panel.

Several hardware options are available for the sampling operation. Extremely robust devices with keyboard and touch screen are among the options, with GPRS, Bluetooth or WiFi communication, allowing the sending of maps instantly.


  • National and easy-to-use software;
  • Allows the demarcation of areas, generation of sampling points and grids with search tools;
  • The only working with different plots at the same time;
  • Import and export of data in Shapefile;
  • High capacity and speed of processing grids;
  • Smart Grid does not create points on the edge;
  • Enables editing tables for mapping adversities (mapping of pests);


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