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Vcom 7.1The best solution for communication and control in a single panel


The main advantage of the 7.1 Vcom panel is the alternative form of communication to better interact with the VERION Management System, the new panel has communication via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, thus facilitating the automatic transmission of data, reporting and mapping areas with little cellular signal coverage. With IP 64, this robust equipment is undoubtedly the most complete and suitable to the field conditions.

In addition to the various activities performed by the Vcom panel such as Virtual Guide, variable Rate Control, spraying control, etc., the main function of the Vcom 7.1 panel is to integrate all these functions with the remote management module, thus enabling automatically integrating data in the agricultural management software GIC.

  • 7.0 inches video display;
  • IP 64 - highly robust;
  • High-speed CAN communication;
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication
  • Adjustable sound system;
  • Excellent visibility
  • Modular Equipment - Several operations on the same panel.


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