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Save money and increase their
proceeds with variable rate "Verion"

Vcom 7.0A computer... all solutions for precision farming...

(Variable rate, spray control, GPS / Light Bar with virtual road, sowing control, seed distribution control, Autopilot, etc).


Vcom 7.0 is the newest generation of VERION panels that once again innovates, seeking new technologies and better solutions for the changing market.

The main difference is the robustness provided by IP 64 fully resistant against dust and resistant against water projection, meeting the field demands even on tractors without cab.

Vcom 7.0 is able to perform all activities and solutions provided by VERION, being the most complete Multifunctional equipment on market with the best cost x benefit ratio.

Even as a multifunctional computer, if the user wants only one function, it is not necessary to pay more for it; it is possible to purchase separate modules for each function and add modules later without the need to replace the panel.

Among the applications and uses of the new Vcom 7.0, the following stands out:

  • Control of the dosage of products at constant rate
  • Variable rate application of solid or liquid products
  • Virtual guidance system
  • Spraying control and automatic cutting of sections
  • Autopilot
  • Monitor of seeds and fertilizer
  • Collector for georeferenced samplings
  • On-board computer for Management System


  • 7.0 inches video display;
  • IP 64 - highly robust;
  • High-speed CAN communication;
  • Adjustable sound system;
  • Excellent visibility
  • Modular Equipment - Several operations on the same panel.


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