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Spraying Components


Seeking comprehensive solutions to its customers, VERION is the dealer of Geoline products, globally recognized brand with over 2000 high-quality components for sprayers and atomizers.

Among the main products, Camshafts stand out, which are a set of valves responsible for the shutdown of the operation or sections of the spray boom, and may be electronic (controlled by the Vcom panel) or manual. In addition, they can adjust the flow through the control valve and the flow monitoring through the flow meter. With Vcom 7.0 – Sprayer, this adjustment is made ​​automatically according to the machine speed.

Thus, VERION has several types of valves, flow meters and components and is able to assemble the ideal solution for each machine, according to the flow rate, number of sections and application of each device. VERION has countless components and spare parts for various sprayers in the market.

Moreover, the product portfolio also includes several products such as filters, stirrers, lids and tank fittings, connections, etc.

Now the solution is complete, all you need to spray in one place;


  • Complete Camshafts for various applications;
  • Section valves and valves in general;
  • Flow meters for various applications;
  • Manual and electronic control valves;
  • Kits for spare parts;
  • Miscellaneous accessories.


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