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VsolusEfficiency and quality for soil sampling

The real soil sampling machine


The VSolus soil sampler was designed to meet the real needs of the activity in Precision Farming.

It is the only one that allows the removal of samples stratified up to 60cm and automatically organizes samples, i.e., the operator does not need to get off the vehicle to collect samples. The unique tray system allows autonomy of up to 12 sampling points, with several subsamples without the need for manual labor.

The entire process is carried out without manual contact, avoiding contamination and increasing the accuracy of results.
In addition to significantly increasing operational efficiency, the system prevents problems that cause significant errors in the information generated during the exchange of samples.

All options are previously configured in the GPS panel, avoiding errors and increasing efficiency. All work can be filed and the system is incorporated with the Vfield software, aggregating all operations in a single system with a search system to the exclusive point, making operation easy and automatically identifying the sampling point upon arriving at the sample radius.

The system is extremely robust and allows sampling both with probe as with drill, being able to perform the activity in various soil conditions. The depth is precisely monitored so as to ensure quality of samples and the entire operation is processed to obtain important information about the sample, including on the force exerted at each point (estimated compression).

Any vehicle can be used to pull the equipment (ATV, tractor, car, pickup, etc).


• Only system that performs stratified samples in three levels up to 60 cm;
• Automatically organizes samples by depth and point;
• Work done without manual contact;
• Electronic control via GPS;
• System fully independent of the vehicle;
• Monitoring of the power required for the collection;
• Autonomy for 12 sampling points, with 12 subsamples without the need of getting off the vehicle;
• All options are previously configured in the GPS panel, avoiding errors and increasing efficiency;
• Ensuring a more reliable result, total control over the operation


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