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Vseed 5.0Seed and fertilizer distribution monitor

Ensure seeding and fertilization with accuracy, avoiding failures and losses with Vseed.


Failures in planting and fertilizing can cause large yield losses difficult to correct and control. Normally, the use of another employee only to monitor the losses of these inputs is necessary.

An operation of high value and importance deserves to be monitored with the best panel on the market, the Vcom 7.0. Thus, it is possible to add other uses in the future such as seed control, variable rate application, autopilot, and use in other equipment for dose control in distributors or spray control. Furthermore, it is an extremely robust machine, with IP 64, being totally resistant to dust and water projection, ensuring the useful life of the equipment even on tractors without cab. Its 7.0 inch screen allows for better viewing and comfort, with adjustable brightness and volume of audible alarms.

The VSeed not only monitors the seed distribution but also counts and maps, generating reports in the Agromapas ® software.

The system has precision sensors that through light beams, covers the entire tube area, ensuring an accurate seed counting, in addition, the system has LEDs with glass protection avoiding dirt and relies on signal transmitter and receiver, where the system checks the received light intensity and amplifies the light emitted in the event of dirt.

It is the only with two width options (19mm or 24mm), and can be adapted to any machine on the market accurately. In addition to seed counting, the system can monitor the fertilizer distribution and can be installed on Seeders, Fertilizers, Cultivators, Planters and Subsoilers.

Installation is simple and easy, and the communication of sensors is through the CAN system, where only one wire performs the connection between all sensors in the machine, ensuring clean and simple installation, with no limit to the number of lines.

The system has integrated GPS, performing the counting of hectares and monitoring the machine speed without the need to use the wheel sensor, enabling the mapping of all activity. The Agromapas ® software allows viewing maps of application speed, plant population, yield calculations and operating times, in addition to the daily record of the area and beginning and end of operation, being a powerful tool of activity management.


  • 5.0 inch color screen;
  • Touch screen display;
  • Integrated hectare meter;
  • No limit on the number of lines;
  • CAN Communication;
  • Easy installation and operation;
  • Integrated GPS;
  • Extremely resistant sensors
  • Full activity report (area closure, failures, planting speed, etc);
  • Includes Agromapas ® software


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