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Vguide 7.0GPS / Light bar with virtual road

Start Precision Farming with the most complete panel on market


The Vguide 7.0 guidance system's main function is to ensure parallelism between applications, ensuring the accuracy required for field applications.

With the Vcom 7.0 panel, the user starts precision farming activities with the certainty of having acquired complete multi-function equipment, with the possibility of adding other uses in the future. Furthermore, it is extremely robust equipment with IP 64, fully resistant against dust and against water projection, meeting the field demands even on tractors without cab.

Vguide 7.0 improves application quality because besides preventing application failures, enables economy of inputs.
In the Vguide 7.0 screen, the virtual road indicates locations already applied, avoiding waste due to over-applications, therefore reducing the number of applications on the field and increasing operating yield. In addition, the guide system prevents application failures, avoiding competition of crop with pests, diseases and weeds.

Its 7.0 inch screen allows for greater operator comfort, with adjustable brightness and sound. Set up and installation are simple and friendly and it is extremely simple to switch from one machine to another and set the operation using the equipment in various activities in the field such as lime distribution, fertilizer distribution, spraying, tillage, etc.

All activity is recorded on a memory card and these data can be analyzed through the Agromapas ® software, a powerful management tool used to verify the evolution of improvements achieved by using the system.

It is possible to observe the operation speed maps, over-applied locations or with failures, calculation of yields and productive times and daily recording of the applied area, start and end of application etc.

Furthermore, it allows the creation of lines on the computer, allowing its use in the vinasse application and other applications, where the user marks the lines on the computer and uses the Vguide 7.0 to stretch the irrigation reel.


  • 7.0 inch color screen;
  • PI (Protection Index) 64 - Fully resistant to dust and resistant to water projection
  • Touch screen display;
  • Sound System and adjustable brightness;
  • Light bar system to assist in directing the application;
  • Draws parallel routes either straight or curved;
  • Marks locations that have received the application;
  • Easy installation and operation;
  • High-precision GPS antenna ( + / - 20 cm between routes);
  • Virtual Road with 2 viewing modes (2D and 3D);
  • Full activity report (area closure, failures, over-applications, etc) and calculations of operating yields, productive times and velocity maps.
  • Includes the Agromapas ® software.


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