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Control and Accuracy also during spraying

Vcom 7.0 - Sprayer


The Vcom 7.0 also works in the spraying through the control of the electronic camshaft, the device controls the solution flow as it increases or decreases the operation speed, ensuring accurate dosing and application effectiveness, in which application via mapping is also possible.

The Sprayer system controls the machine in an extremely easy way, with friendly software and simple installation with no need to perform calculations of constants. Integrated into the system, the system has virtual guide that guides the application in parallel applications and in case of over-applications, the system automatically shuts down the sections independently, avoiding losses of inputs and agronomic problems.

Is it possible to make the control in any sprayer with electronic camshaft, the system consists of an electronic module that reads data from the flow meter and controls the valves electronically. If the user does not have electronic valves, the VERION has commands that can be installed in any sprayer (see in equipment for spraying).


  • 7.0 inch color screen;
  • PI (Protection Index) 64 - Fully resistant to dust and water projection
  • Touch screen display;
  • Sound System and adjustable brightness
  • Multifunional equipment can be used for other activities,
  • Control up to 3 products independently;
  • Ability to formulate NPK in the soil;
  • Varied rate also for seeds;
  • Automatic dose control according to the working speed
  • Quick and easy calibration and does not require calculations of constants
  • Allows application via map
  • Simple user interface
  • Control up to 14 sections
  • Real-time mapping and visualization of previously applied locations
  • Management reports showing failures and over-applications.


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