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High accuracy in dosage of fertilizers, in the right place, according to the real needs of the crop

Vcom 7.0 - Fertil


Vcom 7.0 adapts to any machine with volumetric metering system for solid fertilization such as lime distributors, growers, broadcast fertilizer distributors, etc. The system consists of an electro - hydraulic mechanism that connects with the Vcom 7.0 through a high-speed CAN system. The system is directly connected to the hydraulic control of the tractor (minimum flow of 40 l / min – in case the tractor does not have it, there is the option of installing an independent hydraulic unit).

With the Fertil system, the machine is automatically adjusted by the GPS panel, and all calibration is performed in a simple manner and with the machine stopped.

The system maintains the desired dosage even if the operation speed varies, constantly controlling the machine output for accurate dosage of the product. Errors in the range of 15% in the dosage due to the machine speed variations are common.
Is it possible to make the control of up to three products independently, making the automatic dosing through georeferenced map (a map for each product). The Vcom 7.0 has the capacity of making different doses, i.e., the dosage remains faithful to the application map, allowing performing a full variable rate.

There is also the possibility to performing the operation at a fixed rate through instantaneous adjustment in the GPS panel, just entering the desired dose, guaranteeing compensation in flow if the operator changes the speed.

As optional, guidance through virtual road and light bar can be performed in the same panel, allowing application accuracy, guiding the operator and avoiding failures and over-applications. In addition, the mapping is done in real time, allowing visualization of the area already applied and preventing over-applications, thus facilitating work even in perennial crops.

In case of over-applications, application is automatically shutdown, or if the operator enters an area already applied, the engine stops distributing the product, preventing loss of inputs and agricultural damage.

With the same monitor, the user can choose to install the Autopilot, which automatically directs the machine, avoiding errors and obtaining even greater precision in parallelism. For being a modular system, the user can also use the system on other machines, such as seeders and sprayers, performing the control and monitoring of seeds or spray valves.

Vcom 7.0 - fertil, fertilization control with the most complete monitor on market.


  • 7.0 inch color screen;
  • PI (Protection Index) 64 - Fully resistant to dust and water projection
  • Touch screen display;
  • Sound System and adjustable brightness
  • Multifunional equipment can be used for other activities,
  • Automatic control of dose up to 3 solid products individually;
  • Application at variable rate with automatic dosing according to application map;
  • Application at fixed rate, with automatic adjustment;
  • Compensates speed variations, ensuring the desired dosage;
  • Ability to formulate NPK in the soil;
  • System of electro-hydraulic control;
  • Guidance system by light bar and virtual road, with real-time mapping on the screen;
  • Automatic shutdown on over- applications;
  • Possibility of Autopilot use;
  • Adapts on any machine with volumetric dosing system (conveyors, worm drives, plates with scraper).


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