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Coffee / citrus

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For the implementation of the culture, the use of VERION Autopilot is recommended, with the possibility of marking lines on the computer. The Autopilot not only ensures the quality of furrowing but also increases operator efficiency, reducing fatigue and enables quality night work such as spraying.

The VERION system for variable rate can be installed on almost all machines used in coffee culture, ensuring the dosage according to the application map or the dosage typed in the device. It is also possible the dosing of more than one product at the same time, making real-time formulations.

Besides the dosage of solids such as lime, organic products and fertilizers in general, liquid fertilization can also be performed at variable rate, as well as the flow control of turbo atomizers and sprayers.

After all operations, reports that help in the farm management are created, and the REMOTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM can also be used, which is a system to control operations in real time, generating detailed reports and key information for the farm management.


  • Demarcation furrowing lines on the computer and Autopilot in the furrower;
  • Variable rate application of soil correctives and fertilizers;
  • Ability to formulate real-time product (NPK) according to the application map;
  • Liquid fertilization at variable rate;
  • Possibilities for night applications;
  • Farm management system in an integrated manner.


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