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Integrated solutions for Precision Farming


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The VERION heavily operates in the area of Precision Forestry, assisting in controlling, monitoring and management of the forestry activity.

To guarantee quality planting, the use of an Autopilot to demarcate furrows is recommended. Lines can be previously generated in the office.

Fertilization control ensures correct dosage of fertilizers, even with large speed variation that occurs in forestry operations, in which fixed rate application is possible, where the product regulates dosage at the extent that the speed or the variable rate changes, according to a recommendation map. Dosage control can be installed in any machine, such as subsoilers, furrowers and fertilizers.

To prevent failures, a fertilizer sensor, which monitors the flow of fertilizer and ensures the quality of the operation, as well as other sensors such as furrow depth sensor, can be installed.

In addition to the fertilizer control, it is possible to control sprays and liquid fertilizer ensuring the correct amount of product and closing the nozzles in the headlands, even with large speed variations.

After all operations, reports that help in the farm management are created, and the REMOTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM can also be used, which is a system to control operations in real time, generating detailed reports and key information for the farm management, in addition to sensing and telemetry of data of operations and machines in the field.


  • Control of fertilization even at fixed rate already generates large economies due to large speed variations;
  • Use of fertilizer sensors, avoiding failures;
  • Using of Autopilot for furrowing;
  • Demarcation of planting lines on the computer;
  • Spray control, controlling the dosage (great speed variations) and autopilot;
  • Remote management system of all operations and inputs.


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