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Sugarcane crop is characterized by high management level and constant concern for quality and efficiency of operations. VERION provides solutions that contribute to both aspects, for maximum quality and efficiency of operations.

Precision sowing with the use of Autopilot with RTK antenna ensures furrowing parallelism, preventing the loss of area and machine treading. It is also possible the control the dosage of fertilizers applied at variable rate using Precision Farming.

The planting furrow lines can be previously marked by the computer to be used for future operations, enabling treatments in line such as the line distribution of filter cake before planting, straw bundling on between lines to avoid the propagation of weeds, distribution of fertilizers, among others. The system also avoids the treading of sugarcane stumps in these operations.

The use of GPS and Autopilot not only ensures the quality of the operation, but also greater performance, less fatigue of the operator and enables high-quality night works.

It is possible to control the dosage of fertilizers and soil correctives both to distributors and to growers, working with up to three products simultaneously, making real-time formulations.

The spraying control through adequate parallelism, automatic dosage control and section shut down in case of over-application is also important to avoid phytotoxycity and unnecessary expenses.

Virtual Guide can also be used for vinasse irrigation, where it is possible to draw the lines where the irrigation reel will be stretched and through virtual guide, the tractor will follow a pre-defined pattern and direction, thus ensuring that every area receives the same treatment, preventing over-applications and failures, significantly increasing the efficiency of the reel alignment operation, which will be performed on the computer.

VERION has a REMOTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM integrated to the entire system, which is capable of integrating all activities of the farm, being an essential tool for the management and control of all operations in an integrated manner.


  • Precision planting, variable rate fertilization and dosage control;
  • Demarcation of furrowing lines on the computer and use of Autopilot;
  • Allows performing line crop treatments (cake planting, straw bundling);
  • Allows high-quality night work through the guidance systems;
  • Pesticide spraying for the control of pests and diseases;
  • Variable rate of soil correctives and broadcasted fertilizer;
  • Variable rate fertilization, with the possibility of NPK formulation in the soil (separately);
  • Remote management system with integrated control in the entire plant.


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