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Grain crops (soybeans, corn, beans, etc) are the cultures of greater experience in precision farming, as they were the cultures in which the concept of Precision Farming was firstly adopted.

VERION provides solutions for all mechanized operations throughout the crop cycle, in addition to solutions in the generation of maps and soil sampling for decision making.

The culture development begins with precision sowing, where the flow of fertilizer and seed can be controlled, guaranteeing excellent quality, in addition to monitoring and counting of seeds and fertilizer flow, ensuring the quality of the operation. To increase the planting quality and efficiency, the use a high-performance Autopilot is recommended (Omnistar differential correction, RTK).

The application of variable rate fertilizers and soil correctives using the Vcom kit, which can be installed on any machine with volumetric metering mechanism such as lime distributors, growers, broadcast fertilizer distributors, guarantees the accurate dosing according to the application map or with dosage typed on the screen, ensuring the correct amount of the product in the correct location.

The Guide system on the same panel of Vcom ensures application quality in broadcast distribution and can also be used in spraying operations, avoiding waste of inputs and agricultural damage. Using the same Vcom panel, it is possible to perform the automatic control bar sections, where the equipment shuts down when application enters an area already applied, and ensuring application quality.

That is, the same product can be used for sowing, fertilizer and lime distribution and for spraying, and may also be used for liquid fertilizer. In all operations, including harvesting, Autopilot can also be used, with many options of GPS signal in accordance with the required operation accuracy.

After all operations, reports that help in the farm management are created, and the REMOTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM can also be used, which is a system to control operations in real time, generating detailed reports and key information for the farm management.


  • Precision Planting, performing machine control and monitoring of seeds and fertilizer;
  • Application of broadcast fertilizers and soil correctives at variable rate;
  • Use of the guide system for a higher quality of application in broadcast distribution and spraying operations;
  • Control of bar sections and variable rate of pesticides and liquid fertilizer in spraying operations;
  • Autopilot for both spraying and planting and harvesting using GPS signal with differential correction;
  • Remote Management System capable of controlling all operations, supplies and inputs in real time;


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