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CompanyVerion is a company that since 1991 offers solutions in the oil-hydraulic segment, with a large portfolio of products for various segments ranging from agriculture to the oil industry.

Since 2000, with the advent of Precision Farming, Verion accepted the challenge of developing equipment to enable the integration of this technology in the domestic market. The first system developed was intended for application in planters, where through an electro hydraulic mechanism, it replaced the gearbox (gears and chains) of seeders. From this application, there came a need to develop a controller for application at variable rate, where the dose of fertilizer should vary according to the spatial variability of nutrients. VRM was the first controller developed by Verion and the first national equipment to perform this function.

As in Brazil there is a strong trend toward the application of lime and broadcast fertilization, Verion adapted VRM to the market needs allowing installation on machines for broadcast application at variable rates of these inputs. In 2005, VRM won the top prize Gerdau in category new products.

CompanyAlso in 2005, there came the need for implementation of the guidance system (GPS / Light Bar) for various applications and auto turnoff in sprays, so Verion developed VCOM to perform these functions. VCOM was the first multi-function controller on the market that could be used in various functions within the production cycle such as: lime distributors - fertilizers - seed drills - sprayers - Autopilot - GPS Light Bar, among others.

In 2007, the market demanded the development of a controller that in addition to performing the basic functions of application control had a system to monitor the application and the machine; in addition, the system should send data in real time to the office. This new trend of remote management of the agricultural fleet boosted VERION to develop VCOM 5.6 and 8.4. These machines, in addition to controlling all the functions related to application, also monitor the machine being used. All data related to machine and application are sent to the office in real time, enabling the manager to take quick action to improve and optimize the process.

The consecration of the VERION technology and Vcom came in September 2011, where VERION won the silver trophy Gerdau award Best on Earth in a category that considers the assessment and approval of users of this technology, showing that the product is no longer a trend but a reality!

Today, VERION supplies the entire agricultural sector from manufacturers to users with high-quality products and services, offering integrated solutions to its customers in key segments of Precision Farming:

• Equipment for georeferenced sampling;
• Drivers of variable rate
• Monitors seeds and fertilizers
• Virtual Guide
• Spray Control
• Management system of machines and activities


The Vfield Software was specifically developed to meet the needs of georeferenced sampling works with high processing power and speed on operations. It easily and interactively meets the real field needs.


VERION provides solutions of two Hardware options for using the VField software: VPocket and Vpad and can also be used together with the VSolus soil sampler, gathering all functions in a single panel.

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