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Save money and increase their
proceeds with variable rate "Verion"

Ensures high accuracy in the dosage of fertilizers, in the right place, according to the real field needs

Distribution of solid fertilizers


The application of inputs at variable rate is considered the essence of Precision Farming, since all information used for precision farming will generate localized recommendations and variable rate equipment should make these recommendations real, effectively generating benefits to the farmer.

The Vcom 7.0 enables the localized application of any product, and can be installed on almost all machines available in the market and can even control more than one product at the same time, in the case of machines with more than one tank or planters, control fertilizer and seed distribution.

Besides enabling application via MAP, Vcom enables the dosage correction when speed variations occur. To ensure the desired application, errors greater than 15% are common due to variations in working speed or due to the use of higher speeds (lack of product) or smaller speeds (waste of product). With VERION system, the operator is free to change the speed and the system automatically regulates the flow, increasing the operational efficiency.

The system consists of an electro-hydraulic mechanism connected by a high-speed CAN system. The system is connected directly to the hydraulic control of the tractor (minimum flow of 40 l / min – in case the tractor does not have it, there is the option of installing an independent hydraulic unit).

The system can control up to three products independently, making the automatic dosage through the georeferenced map (one map for each product). The Vcom enables performing many different dosages, or the dosage remains faithful to the map application, allowing performing a full variable rate.

As optional, guidance through virtual road and light bar can be performed in the same panel. The virtual road allows the operator greater perspective of the path, which can change the route before the error is made, especially in curved paths. Mapping is also done in real time, allowing visualization of the area already applied avoiding over-applications.

In case of over-applications, application is automatically shutdown, or if the operator enters an area already applied, the engine stops distributing the product, preventing loss of inputs and agricultural damage.

With the same monitor, the user can also install the Autopilot, which automatically directs the machine avoiding errors and obtaining greater precision in parallelism.


  • Automatic dosage control of up to 3 solid products individually;
  • Application at variable rate with automatic dosing according to the application map;
  • Application at fixed rate, with automatic adjustment;
  • Compensates speed variations, ensuring the desired dosage;
  • Ability to formulate NPK in the soil;
  • System of electro-hydraulic control;
  • An engine for each product type to be controlled;
  • Guidance system by light bar and virtual road, with real-time mapping on the screen;
  • Automatic shutdown on over-applications;
  • Possibility of using the Autopilot;
  • Adapts on any machine with volumetric dosing system (conveyors, worm drives, plates with scraper).


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