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Ensure a perfect parallelism with the aid of the Verion hydraulic Autopilot



To eliminate operator's error, improving parallelism and quality of operation, VCom 7.0 equipment also works automatically guiding the machine so that it perfectly follows the path indicated by the guidance system.

The electro-hydraulic system acts directly on the steering system of the machine; therefore, there are no clearances or any error caused by the transmission system.

Using the Autopilot, the operator is free to monitor the machine and operation conditions, increasing efficiency and crop yield and reducing fatigue.

Its innovative system allows for the automatic performance of maneuvers, generating even more ease and greater efficiency for the operation.

The system has error up to 20 cm between parallel applications with the use of the standalone GPS (Serial), with differential correction for paid signal or RTK (real time kinematic). The differential correction not only reduces the parallelism error (up to 5 cm using RTK), enabling the execution of more demanding operations such as planting and line operations.

The VERION Autopilot allows working with lines previously drawn on the computer and store the applications made ​​to use the same route in other operations.

With this feature, it is possible to make the integration of automated operations under a single database - planting, crop treatment and harvesting (recorded paths), thus performing line treatments.

It is also possible to improve the farm performance and management, deciding in the office the best route (number of maneuvers, supply points) to be performed in the field.

Your tractor is not obsolete! It is possible to install a high-precision hydraulic autopilot in any tractor with VERION guarantee and quality.


  • Electro-hydraulic system operating in parallel to the machine hydraulic circuit;
  • Acts directly on the machine circuit - Highly accurate
  • Guidance with light bar and virtual road on the screen;
  • Real-time mapping;
  • Accuracy of 20cm with standalone GPS;
  • Possibility of using RTK differential correction ( + / - 5 cm ) or OmniSTAR XP coverage ( + / - 15 cm between applications);
  • Quick and simple installation and calibration;
  • Can be installed on any tractor, sprayer, fertilizer or harvester.


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