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Ensure a perfect parallelism in your applications, avoiding failures and product over-applications.

Guidance System


One of the most important aspects of precision farming is to ensure the quality of applications, minimizing over-applications and failures.

For this, an indispensable tool is the guide system, which from a high-precision GPS, the operator is guided to obtain parallelism that ensures quality in the application; in straight or curved paths.

Verion offers VGuide 5.0 and VGuide 7.0 as tools to ensure parallelism. This is a simple and practical virtual guide that presents a road in perspective where the operator can adjust the machine before the error was made ​​by obtaining greater firmness and regularity in the application. The devices also perform the real-time mapping that allows the operator to know which area has already been applied and turn the equipment off in case of over-application (even on the edges).

Besides the advantages of an accurate application, the system also provides a better management of activities, exporting and easily visualizing post-application maps and productivity reports.

The guidance system is also available with other VERION products, being possible to perform the virtual guide operation along with other activities such as control of fertilizer at variable rate, spray control, planting monitoring and control, etc. As optional, the customer can acquire the Autopilot system, bringing even more precision for operations.


  • Light bar system to assist in directing the application;
  • Virtual Road with 2 viewing modes (2D, 3D and air);
  • Complete reports of field activities;
  • Includes Agromapas ® software for viewing reports;
  • Draws straight or curved parallel paths;
  • Indicates places already applied;
  • Enables the use of lines previously generated on the computer;
  • Can be included along with the operation control software.


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