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Vinasse application


Nowadays, the application of vinasse demands time and manpower for the demarcation of lines and there is great difficulty in obtaining demarcation that considers the entire area, and difficulty of guidance and direction when stretching the irrigation reel.

The VERION system eliminates these problems and provides smooth application with reduced costs.

Looking at the field from "outside", it is difficult to see its exact form, and thus some areas are left without application. Furthermore, small guidance and direction errors to stretch the irrigation reel can cause major failures and over-applications.

Thus, with the use of a guide system, one can mark the locations to stretch the reels using the Agromapas and using Vguide 5.0 or Vguide 7.0 to guide the tractor that stretches the reels; in the computer, the field is best viewed leaving no gaps and obtaining homogeneous application.

It avoids waste of time and manpower for the demarcation of these lines in the field, improving orientation and parallelism of the vinasse reel, ensuring uniform application throughout the area.


  • Reduces time and manpower required to demarcate the application lines;
  • Allows the marking of lines on the computer;
  • Enables the demarcation of application lines throughout the entire area;
  • Guides the path to stretch the reel, resulting in better application;
  • Prevents over-applications and failures;
  • Homogeneous application avoiding failures and over-applications.


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