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Spraying / Liquid FertilizerEnsure the correct dosage without over-applications and failures also for pesticides and liquid fertilizer.


The VERION equipment adapts to any machine for liquid fertilizer with the option of two systems for dosage control.

The control is accomplished via hydraulic engines through the hydraulic control of the tractor and controls the flow of the machine pump. The system controls up to three products independently, making the automatic dosing through georeferenced map (one map for each product).

The second method is to control the flow through an electronic mechanism of control valves coupled to a flow meter that monitors the doses applied; this system can be installed on any machine with electronic control valves widely used for spraying, also performing the automatic shutdown of the bar sections.

The system has a wide range of dose variation used in double bar or multiple nozzles.

Guidance through virtual road and light bar can be performed in the same panel. The virtual road allows the operator greater perspective of the path, which can change the route before the error is made, especially in curved paths. Mapping is also done in real time, allowing visualization of the area already applied avoiding over-applications. In case of over-applications, application is automatically shutdown.

In addition to automatic shutdown via GPS, the system controls the flow according to the machine speed by reading the information on the flow meter and acting on the control valve.

With the same monitor, the user can choose to install the Autopilot, which automatically directs the machine, avoiding errors and obtaining even greater precision in parallelism.

VERION has a portfolio of products and spraying components and it is possible to obtain compatible solutions for any sprayer or atomizer in the market.


  • Automatic dosage control of up to 3 solid products individually;
  • Two types of dosage control system:
  • Module 1: Control system controlled by hydraulic engine;
  • Module 2: Control of applied volume through control valves withy electric system;
  • Guidance system by light bar and virtual road, with real-time mapping on the screen;
  • Automatic shutdown on over-applications;
  • Automatic dose adjustment;
  • Compensates speed variations;
  • Quick and easy calibration and does not need to calculate constants;
  • Possibility of using Autopilot.


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