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Avoid planting and fertilizing failures with VERION fertilizer and seed sensors

Monitoring of seeds and fertilizer


Planting and fertilizing failures can cause large productivity losses difficult to correct and control. The monitoring of these inputs is badly needed, and the use of additional staff for this purpose is often costly and inefficient.

The monitor of fertilizer and seed distribution was developed especially for field work, meeting the real needs of agricultural operations, being extremely simple to configure, install and use.

The device not only monitors the fertilizer and seed distribution but also counts and maps, generating reports in AGROMAPAS. The sensor has light beams and covers the entire tube area, ensuring an accurate count. It is the only in market that has two sensor sizes for 19 or 24 mm tubes, and can be easily adapted in any seeder.

In addition, the system has LEDs with glass protection avoiding dirt and relies on signal transmitter and receiver, where the system checks the intensity of incoming light and amplifies the light emitted in case of dirt. Installation is simple and clean and all communication is carried over a single wire through CAN system.

Through an integrated GPS receiver, it is possible to record the worked area (hectare meter), seed speed and dosage. All information is georeferenced, allowing generating post-application maps and reports (management reports).

The monitoring system is also available in the Vcom system, along with dosage control of products.


  • Counting and mapping of seeds;
  • Hectare meter;
  • Robust sensor able to work in the field;
  • Includes transmitter and receiver, making counting more accurate;
  • Fertilizer sensor;
  • Possibility of monitoring fertilizer and seed in the same device;
  • Possibility of controlling the dosage and virtual guide along with sensing;
  • Full activity report (area closures, failures, planting speed, etc);
  • Includes Agromapas ® software;
  • Simple and quick installation, communication through CAN system.


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