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Save money and increase their
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Precision fertilization and correct dosage also at sowing

Planting / Sowing


VCom adapts to any seeder and automatically controls seed application at variable rate (large and small seeds) and two fertilizers independently according to the georeferenced map.

It is possible not only to monitor the distribution but also the control of seeds and fertilizer. The control is automatically performed by GPS by simply entering the fertilizer and seed dosage on the screen and the machine will automatically adjust; calibration is simple and done with the machine stopped. It is also possible to use recommendation maps with the module of variable rate.

Thus, the dosage of fertilizer and seed is done accurately, the system is able to regulate any desired dose, depending no longer on the gears, enabling more accurate recommendations, ensuring the desired result.

The dosage is performed by hydraulic engines, one for each product, controlling 3 engines per product (in case of split seeders), eliminating gears and problems such as slipping, bushing, accumulation of clay, etc., therefore the dosage adjustment is more accurate and the crop is more uniform.

It enables the control of line markers and the use of Autopilot with Oministar or RTK correction for greater accuracy and parallelism of planting lines.

It is the only device on market capable of performing the monitoring of both fertilizer and seed accurately, in addition to making the dosage control and direction in a single panel.

It exports post-application maps of each product and management reports of the operation and enables greater control of operations and a better management of the farm.


  • Control up to 3 products independently;
  • Ability to formulate NPK in the soil;
  • Varied rate also for seeds;
  • Precise seed dosage, in units;
  • Dosage controlled by hydraulic engines;
  • Eliminates up gears and errors caused by ground wheel;
  • More uniform crop;
  • Wheel sensor for better response to speed changes;
  • Enables monitoring seed distribution;
  • Enables monitoring fertilizer distribution;
  • Possibility of using high-precision autopilot;
  • Adapts to any seeder.


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