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Save money and increase their
proceeds with variable rate "Verion"

Ensure a perfect parallelism in your applications, avoiding failures and product over-applications.

Guidance System


One of the most important aspects of precision farming is to ensure the quality of applications, minimizing over-applications and failures.

For this, an indispensable tool is the guide system, which from a high-precision GPS, the operator is guided to obtain parallelism that ensures quality in the...


Ensure a perfect parallelism with the aid of the Verion hydraulic Autopilot


To eliminate operator's error, improving parallelism and quality of operation, VCom 7.0 equipment also works automatically guiding the machine so that it perfectly follows the path indicated by the guidance system.

The electro-hydraulic system acts...

Distribution of solid fertilizers

Ensures high accuracy in the dosage of fertilizers, in the right place, according to the real field needs


The application of inputs at variable rate is considered the essence of Precision Farming, since all information used for precision farming will generate localized recommendations and variable rate equipment should make...

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