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Precision Farming is a management tool that considers the spatial variability of the farm, i.e., all treatments are performed not considering farming uniform (Farming using the average).

In Precision Farming, all information obtained is georeferenced (mapped), and all decision making - using the same criteria of conventional farming - is made spatially.

So, it is possible to obtain maximum production at minimum cost (only what is needed) for each location, applying what is needed at the right place, the right amount and at the right time.

The technological package of precision farming is considered a revolution in conventional farming in view that it proposes the use of equipment and agricultural machinery equipped with onboard electronics aiming at better management of the area. This better management enables reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Precision farming is based on a set of features that allow doing in large areas what small farmers do on a smaller scale, which is the treatment of details considering the differences within the same field using the same concepts and knowledge, renewing only the focus and having a more systemic view of the complex system of agricultural production.

But all that does not require much information, the most appropriate term would be 'information technology' appropriate to agriculture with large amplitude, as precision farming aims at the generation of a large volume of information and data of high management value.

However, precision farming is only viable based on a system that allows the user to locate and georeference the variability found in the field and the use of reliable equipment for the application of this technology in the field.

In this context, the use of equipment becomes vital, and all information and detailed management ​​only become feasible with the use of equipment complying with this level of detail for the actions taken.

The VERION equipment brings the accuracy required for precision farming at different levels and different uses within the agricultural cycle. The automation of operational processes minimizes errors that would make technology ineffective and constantly monitors processes, thus generating information for decision making and for the confirmation of results.

VERION provides solutions for the entire agriculture cycle through equipment and software that facilitate the georeferenced analysis of agronomic characteristics, software for the elaboration of maps and interpretation of characteristics generating recommendations, equipment for the control of applications at varied rates of solids or liquids for localized intervention, equipment to control and monitor machines, ensuring accurate results and software and management systems for the interpretation of results and management of all activities in a comprehensive manner.

Being the company with the greatest diversity of equipment for the agriculture sector, with years of experience in development, VERION acts as the main supplier of solutions in Precision Farming in Latin America.


The Vfield Software was specifically developed to meet the needs of georeferenced sampling works with high processing power and speed on operations. It easily and interactively meets the real field needs.


VERION provides solutions of two Hardware options for using the VField software: VPocket and Vpad and can also be used together with the VSolus soil sampler, gathering all functions in a single panel.

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